August 3, 2013

Veteran Avenue

The street plan for Veteran Avenue in West LA is/was that it would be widened to the width you see here. Dedication of land is required as new construction takes place. This results in the inconsistent street width shown here. (I'm sure this silliness is being addressed in the update to the city's Mobility Element.)

Where the street is only partly widened the city has painted stripes to delineate the path of travel (below).  What is the widening accomplishing? Had the street been left at its original width there would still be room for cars parked on one side and one lane of traffic in each direction, which is the situation just south of this intersection, but such a wide street practically begs people to speed. Which they do.

This is the single family neighborhood immediately south of the pictures above at which point widening becomes impossible without taking the front yards of homes. So, then, why widen Veteran immediately north of this neighborhood?

The LA's updated Mobility Element should call for this widening to be undone. Rather than unnecessarily wide streets in residential areas we could end up with wide, shaded parkways, and sidewalks.

Do you see any reason to widen a street that is residential along nearly its entire length?

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