September 10, 2013

Allowing Charming Places To Exist

Narrow, tree-lined street. Quiet dining patio that provides you with a reason to be out among other people. A place to see other people and be seen. A warm day but the trees filter the sun light and make for a pleasant Sunday brunch.
Baldwin Street, Toronto
This street is lined with restaurants like this.  There was no noticeable off street parking for these businesses although there are some lots tucked away nearby that may or not may not be available for these businesses. There is limited parking on this narrow street. I walked there as I imagine most others did. In many cities these old commercial spaces could not be used for restaurants because of parking requirements. The parking requirement would also likely apply to the patio area. Your city's zoning codes explicitly prevent these sorts of places.  What we end up with instead are restaurants and shops set back from the street and surrounded by a sea of depressing,  hot pavement.

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