August 21, 2014

Downtown Pomona (Post 2 of 3)

At the western edge of the commercial portion of Second Street in downtown Pomona there are some old brick warehouse/light industrial type structures. This area is separated from the central "Arts Colony" by many empty lots  - some of the many "missing teeth" in downtown Pomona. There were multiple "low rider" displays on this end of Second Street during the monthly "Second Saturday" art walk. Cars, children's bikes, and a photo exhibit of low rider culture. 

Great old sign.

Gallery/realtors office. 

Two story live/work in an old warehouse. 

Letting public safety folks know. 


Detail of the front door to a beautiful historic building on Second Street. There are several buildings like this among the "missing teeth" on Second that, when rehabbed, will be a great foundation for reviving the rest of the neighborhood.

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