January 11, 2015

Finding room for more housing in West LA

If this Nordstrom department store at Westside Pavilion mall closes in 2017 to be relocated to an expanded Westfield Century City as planned, the location would be ideal for a mixed-use residential/commercial development. The site is a 5-6 minute walk from the future Westwood Expo Line station that will open in 2016. That station is surrounded by single family homes and the Nordstrom site is an opportunity to place additional housing near the station without affecting single family properties. Additionally, the homes behind the mall have long ago acclimated to the mass of this building so a similarly sized mixed-use project could face less resistance than if this building were not already here; provided that adequate separation between the building and the single family neighborhood is maintained. This would also be consistent with the zone changes being proposed by the City of LA.

Nordstrom on the corner of Pico Boulevard and Westwood. A mixed-use project would also be an opportunity to open up this corner and eliminate the fortress like appearance of the mall.

An easy six minute walk from Nordstrom to Westwood station.


Virginia Postrel said...

It's official: http://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/news/2015/02/26/nordstrom-moving-from-westside-pavilion-to.html

Patrick Prescott said...

Saw that. Rancho Park Online linked to this post. I wonder what the owner of the Westside Pavilion plans to do with it. They say they don't know, but I'm certain they have a couple ides.