About This Blog

  • This blog is collection of thoughts and photos related to my experience out and about the city in which I live, Los Angeles, and anywhere I may be traveling. I began preparing this blog several months before actually making anything available for viewing by anyone but myself. In that time I began reading Urbanism With Effort by Charles R Wolf and he speaks of the need for people to develop "image rich urban diaries." Wolf writes, "In my experience, the best way to catalog the human-city relationship is in the form of an urban diary An urban diary can account for the context of history, culture, and climate of a particular urban place..." This blog is my urban diary.  In my professional life I strive to avoid planner jargon so what I write here will probably lack it as well. 
  • I intend to post pictures a few times a week and maybe an additional post here and there during the week. 
  • Comments that are intended to stir up unrelated political arguments with no good reason will be deleted. 
  • This blog reflects only my personal thoughts, opinions, and observations and does not represent the opinions of my employer.