June 29, 2014

The Power of the Food Truck

It's like magic. Quick and easy food and some live music scattered throughout Magnolia Park Burbank and people turn out in droves. Especially on a hot summer evening. With so many people present you can get a feel for what the area could (will?) be like every weekend as interesting shops and restaurants begin to fill more of the buildings. This event is officially called "Ladies Night Out" because it was originally the salon, and boutique owners - mostly women  - who wanted to attract customers beyond the normal closing times of 5 and 6 PM. It now draws women, men, and families. You'll see lots of strollers and lots of people walking dogs. 

I spoke with the owner of Bearded Lady Vintage who explained that he doesn't make a lot of sales on this evening because his stuff is larger and can't be carried around while you're visiting food trucks. He said that many people discover his store and then return on the weekend to buy something. That's the big benefit of evenings like this. People who would have otherwise never walked past these businesses are given a reason to and then discover great alternatives to the often predictable merchandise found in chain stores.

Evenings like this build on the investments the city has made including, wide, well-maintained sidewalks, street trees, built in benches, and attractive and safe crosswalks. The business owners are wisely taking advantage of these investments and creating something very exciting for the City of Burbank. Just looking at these pictures makes you want to be there.

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