July 1, 2014

Let the trees do their job.

These trees are so close... This species is planted along Westwood Boulevard. They are very easy to trim into little gum drop shrubs which happens more often than not. However, these examples show that if you keep trimming the trees up they eventually are taller than the business signs and do not obstruct visibility of potential customers driving in their cars. Now if they would just let the canopy fill out this would be a lovely, comfortable place to walk at all hours of the day. 

But this neighborhood should go one step further. Rather than worrying solely about potential customers speeding by in cars they should create a pedestrian paradise. The kind of place people wander through just to enjoy the space and then happen upon the shops and cafes that line this street.  The kind of place with "sticky streets" as urbanist Brent Toderian describes them.

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