January 4, 2015

Decent Urban Form

You might not like the color. You might not like the architecture and you might not like the chain stores, but this is a pretty good project. 

This commercial development on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles has a Ross Dress for Less, CVS Pharmacy, and several chain restaurants. Nothing to get too excited about and no "game changing" tenants. The positives of the project are its height and the placement of the building at the sidewalk and the fact that all the stores have entrances that face the street. I can take or leave the architecture. I'm sure there's lots to criticize, but at least the facade is broken up a little and it doesn't look like one massive building (which it is). You can imagine how different this project would look were it built in a traditional suburban style behind a sea of asphalt parking.

The entrance to the parking is aligned with the cross street so although it's not a real street it is placed in a location that drivers and pedestrians would expect cars to be entering and exiting.  

This is the project looking east. There are awnings and patio dining. My biggest complaint is the lack of shade trees.


Matthew Robertson said...

I work a few blocks east of this study and I agree on all your points, especially walking to/from here in the summer with the sun on full blast. The project is boring. Over the course of ten years they previously had a Starbucks there, a Jamba Juice, a taco chain, they just lost a Fish place, a sushi place. It is a study in how to yawn potential customers to sleep, not entice them to hang out and spend money.

Patrick Prescott said...

The fish place closed? Wow. Hadn't that been there a decade or so?